Hello, we are twixt

Like many parents and carers, when our kids hit that in-between stage (not quite a teen and definitely not a child) we suddenly found that finding information and advice on this pre-teen stage, was not as easy as it had been during the baby and toddler years. Yet, as our tweens go through physical, emotional and hormonal changes, as well as navigating secondary school, social media, and becoming more independent, there's surely a need for us adults to feel more clued-up so that we can help them along the way. 


That's why we created twixt, as a source of information, advice and ideas for anyone who has a tween (pre-teen child) in their lives. From expert info and parent opinions to product reviews, we hope you find out a thing or two to help you navigate those interesting (and sometimes tricky) years as your child starts to go through puberty.

From first days at secondary school to nutrition, hygiene, and everything else in between, twixt is here to help make those tween years a little less daunting - for us, as much as them!

We also have a panel of tweens to help us trial products and to give us glimpses into what's really going on in their heads  - and in their worlds. 

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