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Essential oils for physical and emotional health

As a parent or carer, navigating through the melee that can be raising a tween, do you ever find yourself wondering if there are more natural ways to support the health and happiness of your child and family as a whole?

This is often the point at which parents find me. The desire to find a natural and more holistic approach to well-being is a vision that has gained great momentum over recent years and now more than ever we are looking for ways to take more responsibility and control over how we care for our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being and that of our loved ones.

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stem, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. They need to be carefully and meticulously extracted in order to provide the highest quality and effective oil. They are powerfully fragrant yet the use of the purest essential oils goes well beyond their fragrant appeal. They can lift the mood, calm the senses and elicit powerful emotional responses. They have been used throughout history in many cultures for their health-promoting properties and along with current scientific research their profound health benefits are now being firmly validated. Many have powerful cleansing benefits, support the natural processes of the body and encourage a state of balance. Their unique chemical structure allows them to deliver targeted benefits through topical application and other delivery methods.

Quality is absolutely key when you are using essential oils for therapeutic benefit and especially with children. After much research I chose to partner with dōTERRA essential oils. Their mission is to provide the world with a new and powerful wellness alternative, providing a mainstream approach to essential oils by:

  • Discovering and developing the world’s highest-quality essential oils through a network of leading botanists, chemists, health scientists and healthcare professionals.

  • Producing essential oil products to the highest standard of quality, purity and safety used in the industry with stringent third party testing.

  • Providing educational opportunities for all people interested in learning how this higher quality of essential oils can be used as a self-care wellness alternative.

  • Bringing together health-care professionals of traditional and alternative medicine to encourage further study and application of essential oils in modern health-care practices.

DōTERRA certainly are aiming high and with their vision to ‘Pursue what’s Pure’, we can confidently learn how to incorporate a healthier and more holistic approach to the well-being of our family and society as a whole.

So, that’s where I come in. As a Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA I educate and support individuals and families as they seek to integrate essential oils into their lifestyle. What has been most rewarding is learning about and using dōTERRA essential oils in my home, with my husband and four children, helping with everyday challenges as they have arisen but also as part of a healthy lifestyle. When something comes up my kids are always the first to say, ‘There’s an oils for that!’ I love that they are understanding and seeking natural solutions for themselves and that is my goal for others- to help them achieve that too.

There are many oils and products that doTERRA offer, including; single oils, pre-diluted proprietary oil blends ready for applying to your tween’s skin or whole food supplements that support a strong nutritional foundation. Today’s focus is on a selection of oil blends specifically designed for safe and effective use with children, which can support them through challenges they may come across on a regular basis. The new Kids Collection is the perfect way to introduce children to the wide-ranging benefits of essential oils. There are 6 blends focussing on the areas of mind, heart and body.


Childhood is about learning as much as it is about physical development. In the early formative years, children are developing the lifestyle habits that will greatly determine their health and well-being throughout the rest of their lives. Whether it be maintaining a focus while studying for school or having a difficult time winding down to sleep each night, children today face challenges. The Thinker Focus Blend and Calmer Restful Blend were developed for daily use to address these issues.


You never know when your child may need a shot of reassurance or emotional support. Steady Grounding Blend and Brave Courage Blend are the perfect aromatic compliments to support calm and balanced feelings and to promote overall emotional wellness.


The best thing about essential oils is that they allow us to take ownership of our day-to-day well-being. Children face their own spectrum of daily issues. To evoke feelings of wellness and vitality or to address those issues that just come up, doTERRA has developed Rescuer Soothing Blend and Steady Grounding Blend that are soothing and comforting and easy to use.

When these oils are applied topically to the skin, often on the feet, pulse points or over the heart their chemistry gets to work inside the body, supporting the healthy functioning of our cells and systems. As the oil is breathed in, the aromatic molecules are converted to electrical signals in the olfactory system at the back of the nose. This is directly connected to the limbic system in our brain which controls our emotional response along with influencing our memory, concentration and other behaviours. Using these pure essential oils is a simple and effective tool for supporting the health and happiness of our children and one that I’m so grateful to be able to share.

Description of Kids Collection

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or new to essential oils, the doTERRA Kids Collection is the complete and ready-made “whole body” essential oil toolbox designed to empower caregivers to confidently care for the health and wellness of little ones. Formulated specifically for developing minds, bodies, and emotions, these essential oil blends feature unique combinations therapeutically balanced to provide powerful benefits while being gentle on delicate skin.

About the author

Erin Levens is a biologist specialising in health and disease. Her passion is educating on the use of doTERRA essential oils and healthy lifestyle habits that provide natural support to the body.

You can get in touch for a complimentary consultation here.

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