• Charlotte Bunyan

6 gift ideas your tweens will love!

Buying Christmas gifts for children in the tweenage years, can sometimes feel like navigating a set of Squid Game challenges. They have begun to develop their own views on what is ‘cool’; what they do and don't want to wear and often tech related requests leave you despairing at the price-tags; let alone whether you can actually get hold of them.

With even many kids themselves saying they don’t know what they want for Christmas, according to a recent Popjam report, we’ve tried to round up some more unusual, independent gifts and experiences that hopefully can inspire you and them, and all less than the cost of an iPhone 13.

Science and experiment lovers

Letterbox Lab provides a science kit full of experiments and clear instructions to inspire - or grow - a love of science. Two different versions are available; the Explore Box for ages 6-12+ or the Investigate box (for 8-12year olds) You can purchase as a one-off or sign up to a subscription.

Budding Masterchefs or future Bake-off winners:

Food subscription box, Not Just Nibbles, provides ingredients and inspiration for budding chefs, suitable for ages 5 upwards, it is a great option for tweens to do all on their own. My two loved making the pasta and being left to get on with it on their own. There are options to buy a one-off box or sign up for a subscription,


Combining a photography course with mindfulness for children aged 5-9, or from 10-16; Cultivating Wonder is a great way to get your children to unlock their eyeballs from their screens, learn or hone their skills, and create something they -and you - can be really proud of. No fancy cameras required.

Christmas Jumpers

The jumper tradition is a firm favourite in most households. But what happens when your tweens become too cool for dressing yule? Etsy has a great range of jumpers and hoodies to help your tween look their best for Christmas Jumper day. Check out this one - a must have according to one 10 year old!

Unlocking the Code Give your tween an inspiring and useful skill by encouraging them to embrace coding with a range of great course from MamaCodes; you can get 10% of their vouchers for their courses here.

Unique gifts to unwrap

Kinder - described as cool stuff for kind kids - stock a mixture of art prints, cards and clothing. For tweens keen to put their own stamp on their rooms, choose some inspiring prints from Wonderwalls. Feel good, and buy well, with brands that are doing good for the planet and society at KindShop. There are some great Christmas options and stocking fillers as well as a wide variety for others in the family.

For inspiration sorted by age and interest, Wicked Uncle is also a great site to get ideas and gifts delivered in time for Christmas.

Truly personal

If time - and money - are feeling tight, you could consider making your own personalised vouchers on tokens for your tweens that can be redeemed throughout the year (spreading the cost, and the fun); these could be personalised to activities or experiences that your tween is particularly keen on. Canva provides a simple template design that you can personalise and adapt to whatever you want - and either print out or send electronically.

Happy festive shopping!