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Red by Modibodi - First Period Box review

According to the NHS most girls start their periods when they're about 12, but they can begin as early as 8; so it’s good to be prepared. Mostly that means talking to your tween about periods and answering her questions, as well as making sure you are stocked up on tween-sized sanitary products.

There are many options available now, from the traditional pads and tampons to menstrual cups and period pants; so it’s worth talking through the pros and cons of the different alternatives and what might suit your daughter best.

Today we’re reviewing ModiBodi First Period Box which helps take the uncertainty out of that first period experience, with a kit that includes one pair of reusable period pants; a spa headband with bunny ears, Body Shop lip balm and some affirmation cards and information about periods.

Tween Reviewer (aged 11):

What did you think of the box when you first opened it?

When I first opened the box I felt a bit anxious because I knew that eventually I would have to go through the pain but when my mum spoke to me I felt a lot better.

What were your first impressions of each of the things in the box?

My first impression on this box was quite odd. I really liked the lip balm, but wasn’t sure about the rest of it at first but my mum helped me and she spoke to me about what it was all about and how it helps you feel prepared for your first period and that also really helped.

What was your favourite part of it?

My favourite part of it was when me and mum had a chat on everything in the box including the period pants. Having that discussion helped me and if you start your period and go to school there is a little bag which you can put your period pants in so whenever some blood came out you could switch into those.

Does it make you feel more confident about having your first period?

Well the individual box itself didn't but me and mum had these talks about it which made me feel a lot more confident about it all.

Anything else you wanted to add about it?

When you do go through your period you can get cramps but you might not. Everyone is different and a specific person taught me that (my mum).

Mum’s comment

I’d spoken quite a lot with my daughter about periods and one of her friends had already started hers, before her 11th birthday, so I was quite surprised at her initial reaction to the first starter box. But actually it was a brilliant way for us to have a much more practical and open conversation about what happens when you have your period for the first time.

I’m so glad it gave us the chance to talk about some of those things my daughter was worrying about (but hadn’t really told me); and it is great that we have this now for when she does start her periods.

Modibodi has a huge range of first period pants and I'm glad she has a set to get her started. I recommend them and actually feel like that put me at ease too.

If your child would like to join our reviewer list, please get in touch.

For more on Modibodi products, click here.

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