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Summer Activities for your Tweens

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Not only is it starting to get hot this summer, schools are finishing and our kids are coming home for the summer break. twixt have you covered to fill those gaps in your holidays to keep your tweens occupies and happy, so you can be too!

Providing variations in children's lives not only keeps your tween engaged with the activities you encourage them to participate in, but it actually helps child development, with 89% of youth programmes (i.e. holiday camps) producing at least one positive outcome for each child. Therefore, creating the environment for your tweens to have options in choosing their summer activities and hobbies, improves the likelihood that at least one activity will resonate with their needs and wants.

The following categories provide you with a plethora of activities to encourage your tweens to do this summer in order to provide them with the following benefits of: greater independence, improving mental health, learning new social skills, exploring their talents, building their confidence and making new friends, whilst also having the opportunity to have some bonding time with the day-to-day fun.

Fun Activities:

  • Bike rides

  • Local tennis competitions.

  • DIY (i.e. Bird feeder)

  • Create a lemonade stand, and sell fresh lemonade for charity)

  • Plant a veg patch

  • Mini sports day

  • Water pistol fight

  • Make homemade ice cream

  • Learn some outdoor survival skills

  • Learn to make jewellery

  • Learn to bake bread

Holiday Camps:

  • Adventure and active summer camp

  • Theatre and performing arts

It is important to note that primary and senior schools in your local area are likely to hold summer camps for all different age groups, which may be more practical for those not wanting to travel or stay away from home.

Online Summer Courses:

With the pandemic causing many to stay at home and work, more and more companies have adapted to online courses which minimises travel, increases ease of access and provides more flexibility for you and your tween.

As well as the few links attached to the articles there are many other courses, classes and camps that are available all around the country to suit you and your children needs.

"The greatest gifts you can give to your children are those roots of responsibility and the wings of independence"

Denis Waitley

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