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Stuck for tween activities and holidays?

Need some inspiration to tackle the ‘I’m bored, what are we doing this weekend/holiday’ moan and keep your sanity (and spending) in check at the same time? We’ve rounded up some suggestions to help.

As your kids get older it can sometime feel tricky finding holidays that everyone in the family wants to do - particularly if you’re catering for a wide age range. On the plus side your tweens are getting more independent (and maybe more adventurous) and that can open up opportunities for holidays that you couldn’t do when they were tiny.

Here are a few sites and articles that provide some inspiration to get you started:

If your kids are towards the top end of the tween-range, or you have teens in the mix too; it's worth taking a look at this useful site:

Hoop is a great resource for all kinds of weekend and holiday activities with kids up to the age of 11:

For days out around the UK (across all age ranges) it’s worth taking a look at another useful site that features over 7,000 attractions across the UK that you can sort by location or type of attraction:

There’s also many free activities you can take advantage of, Money Saving Expert rounds up a useful selection:

Keeping your tweens active when their most pressing concern is what the wifi code is, can be a challenge. Think about signing them up for some sporting activities with friends - or with you or siblings - the NHS’s Change for Life site is a good starting point for some ideas:

If you’re venturing further afield, take some inspiration from this article on where to travel and what to do with tweens and teens for the longer holidays:

Let us know if you have more suggestions for holiday trips with tweens and activities to keep them busy during term-time breaks or even things to avoid! We’d love to hear from you, so do get in touch at:

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